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18 Nov 2013 |

Review- I Am Entertainment Magazine

Songwriting – 3.5 || Music – 3.25 || Vocal Performance – 3.75 Web: Location: Detroit, MI Genre: Alt. Hip-Hop/Rock Key Tracks: I Rock, Fame

The Prime Eights are the perfect mix of old school hip-hop, modern blues-rock funk, with
serious commercial appeal. The ‘Eights’ bless us with their latest 6 song EP, So You Say
You Wanna Evolution, which contains hard hitting drum beats, live guitars and hip-hop
appeal that puts them in a great position to be a late night talk show band, like what The
Roots are doing with Jimmy Fallon.
“I Rock” is my favorite song by the “D-Town” band because it is real hip-hop, not that the
rest of the album isn’t because it is.  But this song in particular caught me and I found
myself nodding hard and really consumed by the music and lyrical flow.  From the beat to
the live guitars, the music is top of the line and this song took me back to when hip-hop
was free of the Lil’ Wayne’s of the game.
Other awesome songs by The Prime Eights include: Black Magic, Fame, and Consumer.
Each of these tracks are special in their own way and should be licensed to television,
film and video games. I’d love to hear this music in the background on NBA Live 2012.
Overall, So You Say You Wanna Evolution is a dope EP that is exactly what I had hoped I
would hear from all of the hip-hop artists I’ve listened to over the past few months.

MUSICAL GOAL:Our ultimate goal in music is to provide the masses with a poignant,
entirely developed option for entertainment, that takes the most positive points of multiple
genres and provides a fresh alternative to  a stagnant music landscape.
” – The Prime Eights